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Our Mission: 

Advanced Classroom Technologies is dedicated to providing educational technology solutions for classrooms and professional development programs for teachers in an effort to make the classroom environment a productive, engaging place for today’s teachers and students.

Company Background: 

Formally known as Ernst Communications from its inception in 1999, Advanced Classroom Technologies is the local business partner for Promethean (in five states Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California and Nevada), Boxlight, SAFARI Montage, Audio Enhancement, HooverCam, Xirrus, ProComputing, EPSON, iSound, ANTHRO, BenQ and Crescerance.

Our Location: 

Our corporate office and warehouse is located in Marysville, Washington, with customer service and sales representatives located in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California and Nevada. We presently have an 85% school district client base.

Ability to Meet the DigitalEdge Bid Requirements:

Having been awarded the ESD bid to represent Promethean for the past 4-5 years; Advanced Classroom Technologies has a proven track record of our capability to supply the products, equipment, support and professional development that is required to have a successful implementation.

Advanced Classroom Technologies Quality Support and Service:

We have a full sales and support staff dedicated to Promethean’s product line, which makes us the only company providing in-house, trained and qualified staff to provide customer support, product demonstrations, training, and certified installations. Of special note, Advanced Classroom Technologies, has full time Training Professionals that are specifically engaging with clients to hold on-site training classes as well as symposium-type instruction. Though large box-store resellers may bid on ESD’s contract, they do not have the experience of product knowledge and merchandise-dedicated training to carry out the responsibilities of providing customers with a rewarding and satisfying experience. As with any interactive whiteboard solution, it is imperative the vendor supply on-site training, loaner equipment, and experienced hands-on knowledge for the complete classroom solution.


Jimmy Williamson