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The Ultimate in Classroom Interactivity
ActivPanel Touch promotes active participation in whole-class or small-group lessons by providing vivid interactivity and engaging learning experiences. With a design optimized for the classroom and superior construction, our interactive flat-panel displays will enliven lessons and promote student engagement for years to come. Promethean’s ActivInspire Professional Edition software and access to Promethean Planet’s 80,000+ free teaching resources and online professional development provide educators tools and support for active and inspired learning. ActivPanel Touch is available in a 65” or 70” touch panel display.  

Why ActivPanel Touch?
Excellent visibility in any room, at any angleKeeping all learners engaged is the hallmark of ActivPanel Touch. Crystal-clear visibility in virtually any lighting conditions and a wide viewing angle make every seat in the house a great one. Whether you’re in a classroom flooded with warm sunshine or one with no natural lighting, every student will be well placed to actively learn.

Precise interaction for any task
​Exceptionally smooth and responsive interactivity is the norm whether you are writing, pinching, zooming or swiping the edge of the ActivPanel Touch screen. Using a stylus or finger, ActivPanel Touch offers a natural, precise handwriting experience. Our multi-touch functionality brings Windows 7 and Windows 8’s tools to life at the swipe of your students’ fingertips.

Reduce the technology learning curve
​ActivPanel Touch is simple and intuitive for both learners and teachers. Using technology to accomplish your long list of learning objectives has never been easier.  Enjoy a long life of worry-free usePromethean's interactive flat panel is designed to meet the unique needs and demands of any classroom. Its long-lasting LED interactive touch screen, durable construction and comprehensive warranty ensure a long life of reliable service.Make the most of your existing technology toolsWhile ActivPanel Touch works seamlessly with all Promethean solutions, it's also flexible enough to complement most educational technologies.

ActivPanel Touch unites multi-touch interactivity, vibrant images, a classroom-tough design and Promethean’s award-winning software in an interactive flat-panel display that is optimized for the classroom.

ActivPanel Touch at a glance:

  • Smooth, precise interactivity whether writing or using multi-touch gestures makes active participation a seamless part of every lesson. 
  • Superior image quality, flexibility and durable construction ensure years of captivating learning experiences. 

​Technical specs: 

  • ​Available in 55", 65”, 70" and 84”. It can be wall-mounted or used with an optional mobile stand for added flexibility.
  • ​Dual-user capability on ActivPanel Touch is dependent upon the application software and operating system used. Within multi-user applications on Windows 7 and Windows 8, two users can work simultaneously on ActivPanel Touch.
  • Works with ActivInspire, ActivExpression, ActiVote, ActivEngage2, ActivSlate, ActiView ActivPanel Touch includes access to Promethean's ActivInspire Professional Edition software, version 1.7.62 or higher. Find specifications and access to ActivInspire Professional Edition on Promethean Planet. A user with administrator/privileged access rights is required to install driver and software.
  • HDMI, VGA, component video, composite video, stereo audio, 2 USB ports
  • Note: supports alternative hardware solutions such as OPS computers and Intel® NUC.
  • Operating Systems: Windows (XP SP3/Vista/7/8)

ActivPanel Touch

ActivPanel Touch is available in 55", 65", 70", and 84".