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The ActivTable empowers students to lead their own learning, driving engagement, participation and creativity in the classroom.
ActivTable at a glance:
  • This multi-user collaborative tool for up to six students facilitates group work, problem-solving activities and consensus decision making.
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive tools, activities and software drive learner engagement.
  • Activity reporting tools offer teachers insight into student contributions.
  • 46-inch full HD LCD display — The ActivTable features a large, touch-sensitive screen with ample room for collaboration.
  • Multi-user—Supports up to six students collaborating at one time.
  • Tool library—ActivTable’s toolbar offers a variety of intuitive tools, including keyboards, musical instruments, math tools and web browsers, all customizable for each activity.
  • Content Wizard--Using this tool, teachers can customize many ActivTable activities to meet their objectives.
  • Activity Reporting and Tracking Tools—Tracking learner contributions and ensuring that each student is an active participant in classroom collaboration is simple with ActivTable's reporting and tracking tools. Teachers view each pupil's work, time on task, collaboration tools used and more.
  • Software for teachers' computers--ActivTable software can also be installed on teachers’ computers to support lesson preparation.

    ActivTable Specification sheet for complete details.