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30 Watt Amp, 5 Channel mixer, 2 infrared mic channels, and 3 multi-media inputs

Elite ll Classroom Audio System

Ultimate lll Classroom System

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16 Watts of Power, 3 speakers, 3 Variable gain line inputs

1 variable gain output, 3 -band equalizer

50 Watt Amp, 5-Band Equalizer, Max of 8 speakers,

​Two variable gain line outputs, paging input,

three aux inputs


Turn your interactive whiteboard into an

all-in-one solution to create theater-style

​sound in your classroom.

Digital wireless speaker system combining two high efficiency, full range 15W speakers with a dual channel 30W class D amp and wireless hand held microphone/transmitter.

Sentinel Alert System

Achiever Classroom Audio System

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30 Watt Amp (50 Watt Peak), 4 aux inputs,

2-band equalizer

SoundLite 30W

Audio Sound Systems