The Program Includes:

  • ​An online graphical mobile app development platform
  • Live Support for Teachers
  • An expert coding community 
  • A full programming curriculum 

What are the goals of the MAD-Learn™ program? 

  1. To inspire and nurture innovation and scientific creativity in students at an early age that can develop into entrepreneurial skill and vocational prowess in programming. 
  2. To pique a young child's interest in programming by providing a high degree of motivation and success (instant gratification) with easy, rapid development of mobile applications in the introductory stages of the program. 
  3. To enable the student to leverage an intuitive, child-friendly mobile learning platform (MAD-Learn™) to create their initial app, using their own ideas, without any knowledge of mobile app development, then adopt a progressive learning framework that teaches everything happening "behind the scenes."
  4. To gradually increase the student's knowledge of programming principles at every stage of the program, until such time that students are proficient in MAD-Learn™ and are able to create their own mobile app features and functionality.
  5. To provide readily available, dynamic, and safe entrepreneurial opportunities through an App Feature Marketplace to which expert students can contribute new features. They can contribute these features to the open-source domain for further use and expansions, or provide them as a paid feature.
  6. Finally, to inspire student creativity and entrepreneurship by creating a movement that encourages "Student Designed Apps" in industry, as opposed to those that were designed for-profit institutions.

What is MAD-Learn™?

MAD™ is short for “Mobile Application Development”. MAD-Learn™ is a rich, end-to-end program for teaching cross platform mobile application development.

MAD-Learn - Mobile Application Development

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